How to Support Employee Mental Health

April 28, 2023

Mental health is key to happiness. If your employees are suffering from mental health problems, they may miss work or even leave the company as a result. You can mitigate those health issues by providing them with a safe and comfortable work environment complemented by competitive pay and useful benefits. 

If you are looking for new ideas on how you can support employee mental health in your organization, here are some options. 

Offer Health Insurance

This is the number one way to support your employees’ mental health. If they have adequate health insurance, they should be able to engage with a therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor to maintain their mental health. If any hospitalizations or prescription medications are needed to supplement their routine care, insurance will help make those options more affordable. 

Beyond mental health care, access to physical health care can also impact one’s overall mental well-being. If you provide good health insurance, your employees will have peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens or they contract an illness, they won’t be on the hook for the entire bill. Insurance certainly goes a long way toward helping keep employees mentally healthy. 

Offer Supplemental Healthcare Coverage

Health insurance isn’t the only healthcare coverage available to employers and employees. You can also invest in self-funded healthcare programs that make your healthcare benefits more versatile. The CHAMP Plan™, for example, offers great virtual care benefits that complement your major health insurance policy. With this coverage available, employees should be even more confident that they will be able to acquire treatment no matter what health issues they face. 

Provide Gym Memberships

It is proven that physical exercise can improve mental health, so some employers sponsor health clubs or fitness memberships for their employees. Of course, it is up to the employee to actually use their benefits, but by providing the memberships, employers can open the door for employees to start working out. As employees reach higher levels of physical fitness, their mental health may also improve. 

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