How Can Employers Support Work-Life Balance?

April 27, 2023

Work-life balance is a key factor that contributes to the mental and physical well-being of employees. If employers can provide a reasonable work-life balance for their workforce, they will see higher rates of employee satisfaction and lower rates of employee turnover. But how can business leaders support work-life balance in their organizations?

What is Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance is the relationship employees have with work and leisure. If someone spends too much time at work or working, their mental state may suffer. The ideal work-life balance varies from person to person, but employers should strive to offer employees the opportunity to separate themselves from work for a reasonable amount of time every day. If someone’s entire life revolves around work, their health may decline due to the ongoing stress. 

Whose Responsibility is Work-Life Balance?

Some employers encourage employees to work overtime constantly or outside their scheduled hours. While this is acceptable sometimes, expecting employees to spend too much time engaged in work is not ideal for encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Some business leaders think it is up to the employee to decide whether they want to work a job that requires more time and energy, but this is often not the case. 

Employers should strive to encourage their employees to embrace balance in their work schedules, even when they are not directly asking for more balance themselves. As a leader, you must do what is best for your employees and look out for their best interests. If someone needs more time to focus on their own hobbies, interests, or family, attempt to put them in a position to find more balance so they can engage with those elements of their lives. 

Better Health, Balanced Life

When your employees are healthy, it is much easier for them to find a sustainable work-life balance. Champion Health offers a valuable health program that will certainly give your employees more peace of mind throughout the day. If you want to learn what the CHAMP Plan™ can do for your company, call us at 800-369-0932.

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