EMPLOYEe Benefits

Primary Care

By enrolling in the CHAMP Plan™, employees will have access to unlimited primary care doctor visits. The plan will pay 100% of the employee’s office visit charges through the First Health Provider Network.

Your Primary Care Provider: Your Partner in Health

Primary care physicians can catch potential health problems early, before they become severe. People who have a primary care provider spend less time in the hospital and less money on medical costs in the long run. 

There are several ways your primary care doctor can help you live a healthy lifestyle. They will provide:

  • Regular check-ups to ensure your overall health is monitored and any potential issues are detected early.
  • Management of chronic conditions with personalized care and guidance for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or asthma.
  • Preventive care including vaccinations, screenings, and lifestyle recommendations to prevent illness.
  • Acute care visits for sudden illness or injury
  • Health education: Valuable information and resources to improve your health and well-being.
  • Emotional support: Discuss mental health concerns and receive support or referrals as needed.

Access the Care You Need!

We want you to live your healthiest life possible.

The CHAMP Plan™ can provide unlimited primary care doctor visits with $0 deductibles and $0 copays for covered employees. 

To get started or learn more about the tremendous benefits our plan provides, reach out to us today! 

Ready to join the CHAMP Plan™?

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