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The CHAMP Plan™ is based on highly advanced technology and maximizes on telehealth benefits through the use of an AI-based healthcare smartphone application that will help an organization’s employees receive everything from preventive care to mitigative healthcare through the CHAMP Plan.

The CHAMP Plan™ not only allows employees to increase their take-home pay for their healthcare coverage,  it also allows companies to save thousands of dollars in the form of FICA taxes. It is an ERISA-verified healthcare program that guarantees it usage by an organization. The CHAMP Plan™ does not compete with or replace the primary health insurance offered by an organization in any way, and it allows an organization to take care of its employees’ physical as well as financial health in a way that will maximize its employee retention.

Exclusive Benefit: Personal Health Manager

With the app, you will also have access to a Personal Health Manager. Our Personal Health Manager program is designed to help and assist employees in achieving a better quality of life. Not only does the Personal Health Manager provide the employees with proactive health care services but it also improves their behavior towards healthcare by interacting with them in various exciting and engaging ways by simply picking up their smartphone. Whether that be through identifying, and hopefully preventing, potential health risks or bringing awareness to an individual’s current state of mind and the associated risks with certain behavior patterns, we have you covered.

This has an overall positive effect on the health of the employees of an organization and creates convenience for them, making health care a very convenient process for each individual associated with the organization.

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